Project first review

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The first review of the Symbiotic project took place on July 22, 2016, at ISEP’s premises in Porto, Portugal. All the consortium partners, plus the supporting organisation INOVA+, were present. The review included the Project Officer responsible for the project at the European Commission, Antonio Loredan, plus reviewers Aline Rougier, Andreas Friedrich, and Lital Alfonta. Representing the Innovation Radar Initiative, Michele Marzola was also present.

During the review the consortium had the opportunity to describe the work done in the various areas of the project, and answer questions from the reviewers. Afterwards, the Project Officer and the reviewers left the room to analyse the work presented by the Symbiotic partners. Upon return, Antonio Loredan congratulated the consortium for the good scientific work, and indicated the project was approved for continuation.

The reviewers, set forth several recommendations, such as that the consortium should better detail the business case to serve as guide for the technical development during the second part of the project. Michele Marzola also suggested the consortium should create the device in such a way that it can use different biomarkers in the future, hence making it less a specific product and more a platform that can be expanded to answer to new exploitation opportunities.

The meeting concluded on late afternoon, with the Symbiotic project having successfully passed its first evaluation.

In addition to the review proper, the five consortium partners and INOVA+ met on the previous day, the 22nd of July, to prepare this review and discuss open points. Work included again revising the presentations, reviewing work done, and discussing open points.