Publication in Innoget Platform

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The Symbiotic project has published a request for comments in the open innovation platform Innoget ( The publishing is part of an ongoing effort by the Symbiotic consortium to reach out to entrepreneurs, health experts, technology enthusiasts, and other potential stakeholders, to collect feedback that might help shape the project’s work and the future exploitation plan.

The published text (link) describes the basic characteristics of the Symbiotic initiative, and reinforces that it is a platform that can be configured to detect many types of diseases, and with several utilisation profiles. The text then uses this as basis to issue two open challenges to the readers:  to determine which disease(s) should be prioritised (e.g. infectious diseases or some specific types of cancers), and to suggest an approach to the market commercialisation (sell detection devices to health organisations or directly to the public, Licence the platform to a large health company, etc.).

The Innoget platform is but one of several open innovation platforms targeted by the Symbiotic project, and contacts have been made to publish similar requests for comments in others, which is expected to be done shortly.